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What video is right for you?


At Filmhouse we recognise that one size doesn’t fit all. Every company is different and has its own story to tell.  What’s yours?   


You can find a selection of the different types of video we can offer your company.  We have a video for every type of business from demonstration videos to those which will entertain and engage your customers. There is sure to be a video that’s right for you! 


Have a great product you want too show off? Want everyone to know how it works?


Sometimes you can’t tell what a product does until you’ve seen it in operation. While you can demonstrate this on a one to one basis, how do you do this for online customers? The simple answer is with a demonstration video. Filmhouse has created)  demonstration videos for a number of companies.  


 These are short videos showing exactly how a product works combined with a voiceover explaining what is happening at each step of the way.  It is an incredibly effective means of getting product information to online customers.


Demonstration videos can be filmed anywhere from your own premises to a trade show stand.  We can also provide actors to demonstrate your product and the services of a professional voiceover artist if required.

Web Series 

Want to reach out to your customer base without direct selling? A web series can build your customer base by engaging directly with them in a subtler way than a direct sales approach.


We can help you identify a theme and plan each episode so that you get the best engagement for your investment.  


An engaging web series can be viewed by thousands and your branding will enable viewers to remember your company. These videos are great for companies in service sectors such as health, finance or leisure. For a great example, check out our work with City Psychology Group. 



Recommendations from customers are the best recommendations of all! Tell the world what your customers say about you! Nothing is quite as good at selling your product as a positive endorsement.


Text based endorsements are all very well but it’s more effective to be able to put a name to a face. People are more likely to trust a personal recommendation if they can see whoever is providing the endorsement, rather than just reading a name on a screen.  


These videos are best kept short and sweet and can be filmed anywhere - on the street, at your office or shop, at a trade show.   


Staff training is quite an investment for any company. While, a video alone cannot deliver training, it can play in integral role in its delivery.  In this digital age, many people find reading copious amounts of text hard work. A short video can help people take in information faster and more importantly, help them retain this knowledge better than text alone.


These videos take a little more time and often have to be filmed at special locations to really get the best out of them.  However, many companies find they deliver a worthwhile return on their initial investment.

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